About Us


About Us

Finca Las Posadas is a very special equestrian property situated right on the basin of the river “Rio Las Pasadas” in Entrerríos, Mijas (30 minutes from Málaga Airport). It is located only a short drive from the bustling coast, yet close to totally unspoilt countryside which is wonderful for hacking. The views are fabulous. The energy and vibe are amazing, too.

The finca is home to a small herd of horses living in a natural habitat in the form of a 14 acre (56000m2) mountain property complete with its own lovely, flat, 400m long water meadow (when it rains!) at the base.

It is a fascinating experience to watch the horses interact with each other and the terrain.





There is a small yard with stables (used mainly for storage) and a large, flat, enclosed grass (dirt) area for playing, riding, schooling and teaching. There is also, of course, a social area – shaded and cool. It is a favourite place in the hotter months for relaxation and discussions.

Whether you are a first timer, a nervous rider or a rusty rider wanting to get back in the saddle –there is a horse and a course suitable for you at Finca Las Posadas.

If you are a confident rider and fancy a relaxing hack, we can offer you that, no problem. And if you would like to join our horse sharing scheme (as good as having your own horse!),please get in touch.