Hacking at Finca Las Posadas

Here at Finca Las Posadas we are fortunate to be able to enjoy an amazing variety of rides, changing with the seasons and always offering spectacular views and beautiful nature.

Along the river bed you can access wild mountain terrain which literally feels “in the middle of nowhere” or ride along a flat trail ending in a communal picnic area beloved by the Spanish.




Further out we can ride to a Spanish venta (café bar) and have drinks or lunch. In springtime the luxuriant flowers are magical with vibrant colours. As these dry out in the summer sun, the landscape changes to russet and gold interspersed with stands of green cane, evergreen olive and oak trees and pink oleander bushes.



A special treat is to be able to ride through the river after the rains in the autumn and spring. Our horses cope with any terrain and are calm and willing. (We do allow them to stop for the odd picnic to make them feel the outing has something in it for them too!)