Horse Experiences


A Horse Experience at Finca Las Posadas

At Finca Las Posadas you can learn to connect with horses through “The Horse Experience”, where you spend around three hours getting the horses ready, working in hand and riding. This can be a real eye opener:

“Unbelievably beautiful was the day trip with Shaman and Stanley, two Spanish horses from Finca Las Posadas. Owner Monica inspires you from the beginning to deeply connect with the horse and form a relationship of mutual respect before and during the ride. We did that step by step by “asking acknowledgement” from the horse before every procedure and by reading the body language. Monica is a master in interpreting the body signals and explaining what the horse actually says. We don’t do things de horse doesn’t want. It sounds so logical but unfortunately in reality too many times horses are “used” for our riding pleasure if they want to or not. I am happy to see there are ways to ride horses that is fun for both the rider and the horse!

Monica runs very special horse experiences for holiday makers and people who have always wanted to know more about horses but have not had the opportunities or have been too nervous.

Beginners and nervous riders are very welcome and need have no prior knowledge.

It comprises three hours of a back-to-nature experience, learning to connect with horses so that you can communicate with them rather than having to “control” them.

You meet the horses, get them ready, work in hand and then ride.