Lessons at Finca Las Posadas

Monica is a sensitive, empathetic and enthusiastic teacher for all age groups. She genuinely loves helping others to understand her approach to horses. This is so important if you are a total beginner, nervous about horses, or a rusty rider wanting to get back into the swing of things. But even experienced traditional riders have found her approach refreshing and enlightening. As one put it:

“I have been around horses since my childhood, so I thought I knew quite a bit about them. Still there was something hidden and I felt that a piece was missing in the mosaic. And that was the approach towards the horses which would allow the two creatures understand each other, open their hearts towards each other and behave in the way which would make both sides happy and satisfied. And Monica knows, how to do this!”



Monica likes to considers herself a “Foundation Trainer”: she helps riders create softer partnerships with their horses, regardless of what activity they like to pursue. Dressage, Show Jumping, Hacking…. or even just hanging out and spending time playing with a horse – Monica teaches people how to develop feel and timing and an intimate understanding of what is happening for the horse each step of the way. This foundation is necessary for every successful horse/human relationship.

You can book private lessons with Monica on your horse or one of hers…. or you can join the workshops and clinics that she offers throughout the year. Monica is also happy to travel – so if you have a group of people that would like to have her input, please get in touch. So much flexibility and all a great way of sharing time with like minded people and learning from Monica, each other and each other’s horses. It is exponential learning! Your can find out more about these workshops and clinics by visiting our Facebook page: Finca Las Posadas.



Monica also gives lessons via her on-line Softness Training Programme™

You can click here, Softness Training Programme™ to visit the full website. If you like what you see and want to know more, you can also schedule a free private 45 minute call with Monica and find out how she can help you to create a better partnership with your horse. (See the Home Page at the Softness Training Programme™ website.)