Livery at Finca Las Posadas

We have a small number of like-minded clients who keep their horses at livery at Finca Las Posadas. Here their horses can live a life as close to nature as possible. They live out with other horses, in a mixed sex herd of all different ages. They have the opportunity to roam and forage all day on the plants and grasses which grow on the hill as well, as having hay down on the flat meadow..

There is sufficient space for all the horses to feel comfortable, without the need to protect their territory. There are trees for shade and to shelter from the wind. The herd environment contributes to how calm and content our horses feel, both mentally and physically.



It is our policy to keep all horses in the herd barefoot and to ride them bitless. It is such a peaceful place that humans often enjoy just hanging out with the horses and enjoying the nature.

Because livery spaces are limited, opportunities only come up very occasionally. However, it is always worth enquiring, so please get in touch if you feel this might be the right environment for you and your horse.